The restaurant is located in the heart of Lisbon’s business district, overlooking the entire city and surrounded by lush gardens. More than simply a restaurant, Eleven is a place of culture and art, both at the table and beyond it.

The architecture of the purpose-built building is modern, minimalist and organic, using natural materials like wood and decorative stones, and boasting enormous glass windows that open towards Lisbon and the river Tagus. The restaurant witnesses metamorphosis during the day as it adapts to the changing effect of the outside light and the views over Lisbon.

Drapes, candles, soft lights, music…. all is transformed to create an atmosphere that is vibrant during the day and intimate at night.

Note: Eleven only accepts children over 6 years old.
We accept children on Saturday lunch.

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Joachim Koerper

Our Chef

Joachim Koerper long ago fell in love with the cuisine and ingredients of Southern Europe, and is today widely acclaimed as one of the most important masters of the “Mediterranean Cuisine”.

Throughout his career Joachim has worked in such renowned restaurants as:

• Girasol – in Moraira, Alicante (two Michelin stars)
• L´Ambroisie in Paris (three Michelin stars)
• Moulin de Mougins, owned by the brilliant Roger Verge (three Michelin stars)
• Guy Savoy in Paris (two Michelin stars)
• Hostelerie du Cerf, in Marlenheim (two Michelin stars)
• Au Chapon Fin, in Thoissey (two Michelin stars).

Joachim Koerper is Chef in two restaurants in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the Enotria and the Enoteca Uno.


With a fabulous location, a magnificent view over the Old City and a space full of character and originality, Eleven is a stunningly beautiful place for celebrating special moments, both personal and professional.

Enjoy giving your guests the most exclusive welcome in Lisbon: receive them at Eleven, on the highest hilltop in the city and treat them to the creations of Joachim Koerper. There is a private room available with a terrace overlooking Lisbon. Meals can be served for up to 70 people and cocktails for up to 120.

Eventos no Restaurante Eleven